5 Ways To Make Your Resolutions Successful!

Every December I start thinking about the New Year just ahead. I start thinking about my goals, my dreams, and everything I want to accomplish.

For me it’s not enough to simply want to lose weight, make more money, and be happy (all 3 in the top 10 according to Nielsen.com ). Yes those are great ideas but you need a plan to accomplish them. A solid list of steps.

Otherwise, by February…

You get the picture. All your New Year’s resolutions will have vanished.

Because you have to plan for great things to happen.

For instance, I can’t just simply say I want to lose weight. How am I going to lose weight? What methods will I use? Will I focus more on my eating, my exercise, or a combination?

The same goes for making more money and being happy.

I can say the words but if I don’t have a solid list of steps to accomplish them…

Well, then I’m doomed to failure before the end of January.

Here are the steps I use for making my New Year’s resolutions.


  1. Make a plan.

This takes a bit of effort in the beginning but so worth it in the end. Make a list of what you really want to accomplish throughout the year. Don’t be generic! Go beyond just “losing weight”, or “making more money”. Ask yourself “How will I accomplish _________? Here are a few items on my New Year’s list…

  1. Maintain a budget. Monthly.
  2. Finish my cookbooks (2)
  3. Write @ least 24 blog posts.
  4. Enter a mud run

Make sure you write them down and look at them often. Besides how can you know if you’ve accomplished your goals if you have nothing to compare them to?


  1. Define your purpose.

What do you want to be known for? As being a great friend. A generous giver. Making the world’s best chocolate chip cookies. You can be anything you want! Just write it down.


  1. Schedule some fun.

Life gets crazy. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and 12 months in a year. We can only work with what we have, so let’s make the best of it! If you do nothing but work (or make lists) then you will burn yourself out. Now this can be date night with your spouse, dinner with your best friend, or even getting a pedicure with your mom. Something quick, easy, and fun! Something that involves time with someone else.


  1. Take a vacation.

Whether it’s an overnight retreat or a 2-week stay in Italy. Take time to “get away”. Recharge your batteries so you can continue on with adulthood. This makes the daily grind a little more bearable. Plus, at the end of the year (when you compare notes) you can think back on all the great things that happened in your life throughout the year.


  1. Take action.

You’ve written down a lot of stuff. Made lists and more lists. Posted those lists so you can view them daily. Now you need to make those lists happen. Now you have to take action. You can do it!


I love writing lists. And yes I was guilty of not taking action. Of just writing the lists.

I had no follow through. I had to train myself to actually take action.

That’s when I noticed the magic happening.


Here’s to planning for a GREAT 2016! No resolutions needed!


What do you want to accomplish in 2016? Let me know below.